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  Jazz Bands & Combos  

These groups really get into the swing of things!

Jazz is a language all its own, and Camarillo Music chooses to develop it with year-round work! Students have three big bands and at least four combos to choose from, depending on their level of development as a musician. All jazz ensembles explore improisation, jazz theory, and pedagogy and develop students' listening abilities for following chord changes and progressions, forms and matching time and style.

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About the Course
Course Description

The jazz bands at ACHS comprise larger groups, but also some smaller breakout groups called combos. Jazz Band is a year-round offering during Zero Period and adds a second ensemble during the second semester that meets during 7th Period. Currently, Jazz Band students are enrolled in the course titled Stage Band and do receive UC/CSU approved arts credit. The jazz bands perform several concerts each year and compete in several independent jazz festivals during second semester. Auditions are required for proper placement in the ensemble(s) during second semester. First semester is open enrollment. This course meets daily at 6:50 a.m. in the Music Room (F-2) and each day may have a different approach. The students will not always meet as a large band, but sometimes be broken into combos or without instruments entirely to work on theory, or other concepts as a class.

Rancho Campana High School Students: Students who attend RCHS who are interested in being a part of a jazz ensemble are allowed to audition, as this is not a course offered at RCHS. Students should contact the music director if they are interested, in order to be properly enrolled in the course.

Course Outline
  • Grades 9-12 

  • Arts credit earned through the passing of this course. 

  • Stage band is the course title for the Jazz Ensembles. There are often two ensembles that develop in two levels through the course of the year. Stage Band explores the jazz idiom from swing to Latin. The ensemble performs at least two concerts a year and at least two jazz festivals. 

Performance Attire

Please consult the Music Department Handbook or Mr. Cook for Jazz band Performance attire: Band polo shirts and dark black (Docker or school uniform-style, no denim, no leggings) dress pants, mid-calf black socks and black dress shoes are worn for community performances. Sweatshirts may be worn when it is cool.

Google Contact Form

All families with students enrolled in ACHS Music Programs are asked to fill out the Contact Form online to help us keep you informed about schedules, events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. 

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