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 Marching Band 

Marching Band members set the tempo at ACHS,
within the community,
and among their peers

The Marching Band is the most public facet of the program, contributing to the fun atmosphere at football games, basketball games, rallies, community performances and parades. Marching Band incorporates a large portion of department membership and tends to share one of the strongest bonds of any group on campus. Marching Band students work long hours every week and attend many weekend competitions throughout the fall to express artistry through movement and music. The commitment is significant, but the reward is worth it! Students are strongly encouraged to try Marching Band their freshman year as it allows them to quickly gain a positive peer support system.

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About the Course
Course Description

The Marching Band comprises wind musicians playing woodwind and brass instruments; percussion playing marching battery or a wide variety of acoustic, metallic and electronic instruments in the front ensemble; and the Color Guard, which provides a large visual component and adds a color and nuance to the production. Enrollment in Marching Band also allows students the additional free period to take an extra elective (such as a foreign language) in addition to their co-requisite concert ensemble class elective (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble Honors, Orchestra, or Vocal Ensemble) as Marching Band takes the place of P.E. and is taken outside of the core six-period day. Percussion and Color Guard clinics are schedule for the summer. Band Camp is mandatory for all members. Visit the Band Camp page for more information.


Rancho Campana High School Students: Beginning in Fall 2020, new students at RCHS will no longer have the opportunity to take Marching Band (or Jazz Band) at ACHS. However, returning students who already have taken the class still will be able to do so.

Course Outline
  • Fall Semester Only

  • Marching Band constitutes one semester of P.E. Credit. Freshmen must take a P.E. class in the spring as well.  

  • Enrollment in a co-requisite concert ensemble is required.

  • Semester 1 only

  • Marching Band has a flex after school schedule and is enrolled as a seventh period (after core schedule) course. 

Fall practice Schedule

Please visit our Calendar page to view the most up-to-date rehearsal schedule and information.

Google Contact Form

All families with students enrolled in ACHS Music Programs are asked to fill out the Contact Form online to help us keep you informed about schedules, events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. 

2023 Fall Competition Schedule

Links will be added for the itineraries once they are available

  • Sept.: Sounds of Conejo, Thousand Oaks High School

  • Oct.: Royal Classic, Royal High School

  • Oct.:  Simi Valley Field Tournament, Simi Valley High School

  • Nov.: Hart Field Tournament, College of the Canyons

  • Nov.: Camarillo Field Tournament, Camarillo High School

  • Nov.: Ramona Field Tournament, Ramona High School 

  • Nov.:  SCSBOA Championships, Site TBD 

  • Dec.: Camarillo Christmas Parade


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