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 Vocal Ensemble 

Making music with 
the power of voice

The ACHS Vocal Ensemble is an exploratory ensemble that performs a wide variety of literature, including jazz, hymns, contemporary, and classical. The group also performs in several languages, including English, Spanish, Latin, and more.

About the Course
Course Description

The Adolfo Camarillo High School Vocal Ensemble, or choir, is an exploratory ensemble that performs a wide variety of literature in several different languages from jazz to hymns and Spanish to Latin. The ensemble does not require music reading or a background in music. The course will cover several concepts such as music reading, theory, sight singing, aural recognition and syllable articulation. The ensemble performs many times throughout the year. Students in the Vocal Ensemble are welcome to audition for spots to sing with the Jazz Band, as well as take part in smaller, more advanced vocal groups. This ensemble meets daily during 4th Period in the Music Room (F-2).

Course Details
  • Grades 9-12 

  • Arts credit earned through the passing
    of this course. 

  • Full year course 

  • Concert Choir is a performance ensemble that welcomes students with or without experience. The ensemble explores many different styles and languages through performance with or without  accompaniment. Students will learn basic music theory and how to read music. This ensemble performs approximately three times each year and in one festival. 

Performance Attire

Department approved tuxedos and concert dresses are worn to performances..

Google Contact Form

All families with students enrolled in ACHS Music Programs are asked to fill out the Contact Form online to help us keep you informed about schedules, events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. 

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