Color Guard & Winter Guard 

Color Guard is the visual, color element of the show

This ensemble explores a wide variety of dance styles and body movement from jazz and modern to hip-hop and ballet. Along with dance, the color guard learns techniques and performance expression with equipment, including props, flags, rifles and sabers.

About the Course
Course Description

The ensemble performs with the Marching Band during first semester, then competes on its own during the winter/spring in gymnasiums in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California Just as students who are enrolled in Marching Band on an instrument, Color Guard members must be co-enrolled in a Music Department course during the core six-period day. Students in Color Guard who also play an instrument are exempt from this co-enrollment requirement. This course meets daily during 4th Period at the same time as Vocal Ensemble. Students will be with guard staff at least three times each week, and sometimes rehearsing in other rooms on campus. Winter Guard members should be enrolled in Fourth Period Color Guard that is concurrent with Vocal Ensemble.  Winter Guard students will be enrolled in Seventh Period Stage Band to receive fine arts credit and a grade for the time they have committed to the program.

Rancho Campana High School Students: Beginning in Fall 2020, new students at RCHS will no longer have the opportunity to take Marching Band (or Jazz Band) at ACHS. However, returning students who already have taken the class still will be able to do so.

Course Details
  • Grades 9-12 

  • Arts credit earned through the passing of this course. 

  • Full-year course 

  • Color Guard is a course offered through the core six periods to be enrolled concurrently with Marching Band. ​

Fall practice Schedule

Please visit our Calendar page to view the most up-to-date rehearsal schedule and information.

Winter Guard

The Winter Guard is an ensemble that begins in December and runs until April. This ensemble performs in gymnasiums to a soundtrack while using the same equipment used in Marching Band and Color Guard. Winter Guard competes regionally in a highly regarded circuit, Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WASG).

There are rehearsals after school, and the ensemble requires a huge financial and time commitment on its own. Due to high interest in this activity from students outside of the fall Color Guard and other musicians, the ensemble will be audition based to ensure placement on the appropriate equipment for each member. Please review important dates and the performance schedule before committing to this program and taking the spot of someone who is able to properly commit to this group.

Winter Guard Practice Schedule

Following is the 2020 Winter Guard practice schedule.

  • Monday – 6 - 9 p.m.

  • Tuesday – 3:15 – 6 p.m.

  • Thursday – 3:15 -5:30 p.m.

  • Winter Guard will practice on some non-school days. Please consult the Calendar

Performance Attire

Formal performances: Color/Winter Guard students will need dance shoes, bodytight, and gloves. Costumes are provided by the guard and are property of the program. ACHS band polo shirt and sweatshirt are optional for marching season.

2020 Fall Competition Schedule

The Fall competition schedule has not yet been determined. Below is what a typical schedule looks like. Links will be added for the itineraries once they are available

  • Sept.: March-a-thon Saturday all-day practice

  • Sept.: Sounds of Conejo, Thousand Oaks High School

  • Oct.: Palmdale Field Tournament, Palmdale High School

  • Oct.: Royal Classic, Royal High School, Simi Valley

  • Oct.:  Kennedy Field Tournament, Kennedy High School, Anaheim

  • Nov.: Heart Rampage Field TournamentCollege of the Canyons, Santa Clarita 

  • Nov.: Oxnard Field Tournament, Oxnard High School

  • Nov.: Moorpark Field Tournament, Moorpark High School 

  • Nov.:  SCSBOA Championships (tentative)

  • Dec.: Camarillo Christmas Parade

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