Camarillo Field Tournament 

Join us for our inaugural year!

Please allow us to announce the inaugural CAMARILLO FIELD TOURNAMENT to be held on Wednesday, November 10. This SCSBOA-adjudicated show was scheduled strategically on the day prior to Veterans Day so that you don't have to worry about your students getting enough sleep after a weekday show and so that groups can raise their Field Grid placement in the final week of the regular season! Groups can take advantage of the 14 million in upgrades made to Ackerman Stadium in the last year including new turf and LED field lighting! Further, our convenient location on the 101 Freeway just west/north of the Conejo Grade and our gorgeous views of Boney Peak and the Santa Monica Mountains are great opportunities for all bands!


Our warm up and band parking space is ample, and our push to the stadium is completely flat! Furthermore, I had the opportunity to confer with Pat Seidling (Blue Devils Corps Director 2014-present, DCI Director of the Year 2003, and Phantom Regiment Corps Director 2001-2006) and the incomparable Pete Emmons (DCI Hall of Fame member 1989, World Drum Corps Hall of Fame member 2014, Blue Devils Corps Director 1998-2013) on planning the flow of our event. Rest assured that while this is our first show at ACHS, we're working hard to make the experience as seamless as possible for directors and students.

Camarillo Field Tournament
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