Events and activities that run throughout the year

Here is a list of ongoing fundraisers and campaigns that help support the students enrolled in ACHS Music Department programs through the year. These activities make up 50 percent of the $185,000 budget. The Boosters cannot reach their goals without the volunteer efforts of every family with students in the programs. Take a look and contact the Director of Fundraising to see how you can help! 


Snack Shack

This ongoing fundraiser is the group's largest fundraiser of the year. Students and parents sell candy, snacks, and drinks after school each day in the Snack Shack.


Commemorative Bricks

Commemorative bricks are on sale through the ACHS Music Boosters for $100 each. The bricks can be personalized with up to three lines of text and clip art representing the school or specific activities. Boosters install the bricks on two different courtyard areas of the school. Download the order form.


Restaurant Nights

Once a month, Boosters schedule a Restaurant Night at a variety of eateries throughout town. The restaurants kindly donate a percentage of the evening sales to the Boosters. Make sure you download the fliers and take them with you on the designated evenings. Announcements and information for restaurant fundraisers are posted in News & Updates.


Sheet Sales

Bed sheet sales is a profitable fundraiser for the ACHS Music Boosters with the organization receiving 40% of each sale. Students are asked to publicize the sale of the high-quality sheets to friends, family, neighbors and others. They also make nice gifts. Click on the icon to go to the store. You order, the sheets are shipped directly to you, and ACHS Music Boosters is credited for the sale.



The ACHS Music Truck is a blank canvas and we would like to sell truck sponsorships/logos to area businesses as well as sponsorships on our website. For pricing and more details, visit the Sponsorship page.