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Advertising On A New Blog

People get into the blogging network for many reasons, the majority being either the love of writing, or the want of money. Most beginner bloggers slap ads onto their blog as soon as they get it hoping to make the quick buck, or embrace the disillusioned dream of blogging being easy money.


However is something like this worth it?With a small if any userbase at all your clickthrough rate is likely very low and you will be making very low amounts of money if any. So is it still beneficial to have these ads up cluttering your site?

Ads can provide structure to a site if they are directly designed to be a part of the layout, and as such your site may feel empty and bare-bones without them. However this pertains only to specific themes that have special slots built for ads that would appear “empty” without them. According to service more times than not ads are so greedily pasted all over the page that it looks cluttered and the focus of the content has been completely lost. The users attention is taken away from the content and is dazed by the onslaught of ads which sends him running away for the sake of his eyes. In proportion I think it’s ok to put maybe 1 advertisement up if your just starting off. Your not going to be making much money anyway, so your focus should be on attracting visitors through superior content and layout in the hopes of setting yourself up for the future to potentially earn revenue.

So is it really worth advertising on a new blog? Should beginner bloggers keep them to provide structure, or should they ditch them until they have an established userbase?

The Flaws in Link Exchange Widgets

The Elite Rule The Blogosphere

Another interesting aspect of BlogRush was that it let you use your pageview credits on sites other than your own. Let me make that a bit clearer for you in case that didn’t stand out enough. An A-Blogger with 50,000 views daily makes a new blog about gardening. He uses all the credits he gets from his pageviews on his A-list Blog and spends them on his Gardening one to jump-start his blog with unheard of growth that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars. How can new bloggers compete with blogs that can generate more traffic in one day than they could in an entire year?


BlogRush had the potential to be something great. With its fresh ideas and emphasis on promoting other peoples content rather than just bland links with no meaning it was viewed in the blogging community as something revolutionary. However, the system was taken advantage of by bloggers and the poor management by BlogRush didn’t help either. A was down for the first month of its release due to bugs, a sign that it was obviously rushed out to market. Maybe on day, link and content exchange services might prove to be beneficial to both small and large publishers alike, but until then they are flawed to favor the elite.

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