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Apply online through MBBS in Malaysia. It is an MCI and WHO accredited 5-year course comparable to the Indian qualification in MBBS. Malaysia is host to more than 130,110 international students from 136 countries looking to earn a medical certificate from one of the best institutions in Malaysia. MBBS is a popular option in Malaysia and is, therefore, one of the most sought-after and cost-effective options for students and is priced at 55,000 to 136,000 MYR a year (~9 up to 25 lakhs in the case of Indian students).

According to the WHO's report released in 2013, the majority of low- and middle-income nations will face a deficit in the range of 14.5 million healthcare professionals at the end of 2030. This was evident in the situation of Malaysia in the year 2020 when the country required many medical specialists to achieve the global WHO standards of a 1:400 doctor to population ratio (discussed in the previous paragraph). This suggests a dramatic increase in the medical field shortly and will open up various job opportunities for students from abroad in Malaysia.

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