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Senior Spotlight: Katelyn Smith

A senior Color Guard member, Katelyn is looking forward to getting into the medical field. One of her proudest moments was being on the Ivy Chain last year for graduation.

Instruments: Color Guard, so flags, rifles, swords …

Plan for the future: I will be attending community college and studying for a career in the medical field.

Travel aspirations: Italy

Proudest accomplishment: Ivy chain on graduation

Favorite Memory: Performing together during performances

Favorite musical piece/tune from high school: “Swing” flag solo

Most underappreciated thing about high school: Seeing all my friends.

Quarantine activities: Binge watching

What I've been watching in quarantine: “Friends”

What part of the ACHS Music Program has had the most impact on you and why? Having so many close friends

What would you say to your freshman self about the Music program if you could? Things are gonna happen for a reason.

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