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Senior Spotlight Kaitlyn Barcelona

Kaitlyn has played in nearly every instrument family. Primarily a Sax player, she has marched tenors and learned brass instruments. She finished high school on marimba and is looking to a future in the Navy.

Instruments: Alto Saxophone and percussion

Plan for the future: I will be attending U.S. Navy Boot Camp

Travel aspirations: I’d like to go to Italy, I love it there.

Proudest accomplishment: Going to SCPA Finals for Winter Drumline

Favorite Memory: When Gabe Johnson got sick from a water that had been expired in the drum room for three years. Or when Riley got stuck.

Favorite musical piece/tune from high school: “Blue Shades”

Most underappreciated thing about high school: Just walking through the halls. I went to the school the other day and it was so empty. I never thought I’d miss all the traffic.

Quarantine activities: Sleeping

What I've been watching in quarantine: “The society,” “Good Girls,” “I Am Not OK With This,” “The Umbrella Academy”

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