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Senior Spotlight: Juliana Renteria

Juliana is a 4-year member of Orchestra, a founding members of the group as it is only 4 years old. She also participated in Vocal Ensemble. She will be attending Pacific Lutheran University in Washington to major in Music and Global Studies.

Instruments: Voice and Violin

Plan for the future: I plan to attend Pacific Lutheran University in Washington with a double major in Music and Global Studies.

Travel aspirations: Scotland

Proudest accomplishment: Becoming the mock trial witness coach this year.

Favorite Memory: Cam Floggnaw is my favorite memory. It was really fun to help create something from scratch and help run it. The bands were really great and people had a good time.

Favorite musical piece/tune from high school: “Shadow Dance” and “Moonlight in Vermont.”

Most underappreciated thing about high school: Being able to see my friends every day.

Quarantine activities: Taking care of my 4-month-old puppies, binge-watching TV, and sleeping in.

What I've been watching in quarantine: “Avatar The Last Airbender” and “Santa Clarita Diet.”

What part of the ACHS Music Program has had the most impact on you and why? I would say Orchestra because I got to play an instrument I love every day and improve on what I was lacking. It has influenced me to further pursue music in college.

What would you say to your freshman self about the Music program if you could? I would say join Vocal Ensemble sooner because it's been really fun, but I only got to experience a part of a year since this pandemic started.

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