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Senior Spotlight: Gabriel Breeze

One of the many students who were enrolled both at ACHS and RCHS. A member of the percussion section, Gabe's proudest moment may have been his TEDx talk this past year. His favorite field show was "Homesick."

Instruments: Percussion

Plan for the future: Enroll in college to study either general education in science or engineering, learn to drive, get a job, try not to panic.

Travel aspirations: If I were taking a gap year, my ideal location would probably be the Indian ocean or Australia.

Proudest accomplishment: Either receiving an Engineering Academy Academy Award or giving a TEDx Talk

Favorite Memory: My favorite single memory is being able to give a TEDx Talk on Sept. 21, 2019. Not only did it go well, but now I have something to think about when that song comes up on the radio.

Favorite musical piece/tune from high school: Definitely my Freshman year marching show, “Homesick,” and all the songs included in that performance. Still brings a tear to my eye.

Most underappreciated thing about high school: How well structured the trimester system is and the great teachers who will help you with anything.

Quarantine activities: Working on homework, riding bikes, texting friends and contemplating our reality.

What I've been watching in quarantine: I just binged the last season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and it was everything I could have asked for (Thank you, Dave Filoni).

What part of the ACHS Music Program has had the most impact on you and why? The community part of the ACHS Music program has had the most impact on me by far, because before I did Marching Band (and even now), I was very shy and not too confident. Being accepted with open arms into a group that not only worked hard but helped each other to be their best selves really helped me gain some confidence in myself by helping me realize that I CAN do well on my own, with friends and with goals. The seriousness taken during rehearsals and the fun we had in each other’s presence really made me comfortable with myself around others and helped me focus and become better on performances, which I may not have felt qualified for previously.

What would you say to your freshman self about the Music program if you could? If I could say something to my freshman self about the Music program, I would say, "Keep going, even if you're anxious and even if you don't feel up to it now. Music is something you have always loved, and doing this is far worth the effort it will take not only for the music, but for the memories and the people you will make and meet throughout this program."

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