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Meet Talon Yeh

Talon is a freshman percussionist member of the Symphonic Band percussion section. He marched Bass Drum in Marching Band and Snare Line with Winter Drumline. Talon works hard in and out of the music department and says "Marching Band has helped him manage his time better."

Instruments: Percussion

Which non-music classes are you excited about next year? Math

Which course are you dreading? Spanish

Favorite teacher outside of the Music Department: Mrs. Su

What piece of music have you spent the most time practicing? Drumline warmup

Favorite musical piece/tune from this school year?Cedar Canyon Sketches

What part of the ACHS Music program has had the most impact on you and why? Marching Band because it taught me how to manage my time better.

With all of this time in quarantine, I have been... playing video games.

What I've been watching in quarantine:Star Wars The Clone Wars

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