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Senior Spotlight: Monica Santiago

Updated: May 25, 2020

Monica is a Vocal Ensemble member whose favorite piece was the a capella arrangement of the Beatles' "Blackbird." She knew that she had to join the Music Dept after the class sang Happy Birthday to her when she visited the class on her birthday last year. She was welcomed before we even knew her. She will be attending the University of Washington in the fall.

Instrument: Voice

Plan for the future: I will be attending the University of Washington and majoring in engineering

Travel aspirations: Either Romania or Greece. They are both such beautiful places.

Proudest accomplishment: Being able to balance my AP classes and my extracurricular activities (Drama and Vocal Ensemble).

Favorite Memory: Last year, before I joined Vocal Ensemble, we were doing CAASP testing. After I finished my math test, I asked my teacher if I could work on the set for drama, but the classroom was locked, so I went to my friends' class (Vocal Ensemble). That day was actually my birthday, and all of my friends (and even people I hadn't met yet) sang my favorite version of Happy Birthday. That's when I decided to join the Music Department.

Favorite musical piece/tune from high school: “Blackbird”

Most underappreciated thing about high school: Being able to learn with my friends for five days a week.

Quarantine activities: Keeping up with school work and spending time with my family

What I've been watching in quarantine: “Scrubs”

What part of the ACHS Music Program has had the most impact on you and why? Vocal Ensemble, because everyone is so nice to each other and it has helped me grow as a singer.

What would you say to your freshman self about the Music program if you could? It's worth it.

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