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Meet Emily Chang

Emily plays flute and saxophone in the program and is a two-year member of the Ventura County High School Honor Band. Emily is most looking forward to AP Physics while also dreading how intense it will be. Her favorite teacher has been Mrs. Klemann.

Instruments: Flute and saxophone

Which non-music classes are you excited about next year? AP Physics because of the fun activities (like getting shocked by a Leyden Jar or building bridges).

Which course are you dreading? AP Physics because it is a difficult subject with a lot of content.

Favorite teacher outside of the Music Department: Mrs. Klemann! She is amazing!

What piece of music have you spent the most time practicing? Probably “Clair de Lune” on piano.

Favorite musical piece/tune from this school year?Winged Victory,” the woodwind feature is very cool.

What part of the ACHS Music program has had the most impact on you and why? Marching Band because we experience a lot in a relatively short amount of time. It is a lot of hard work and fun.

With all of this time in quarantine, I have been... playing Minecraft and trying to create art in all forms

What I've been watching in quarantine:Your Lie in April” (it is a music anime, I recommend it)

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