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Meet Arianna Post

Arianna is a junior clarinetist in Symphonic Band and a member of the Marching Scorpions. When she's not busy with music, she's busy with the Child Development program led by Ms. Ida Lange.

Instrument: Clarinet

Which non-music classes are you excited about next year? AP Psychology and the Preschool Program

Which course are you dreading? Pre-calculus

Favorite teacher outside of the Music Department: Ms. Ida Lange

What piece of music have you spent the most time practicing?Immutable

Favorite musical piece/tune from this school year?A Christmas Tale (Krampus)

With all of this time in quarantine, I have been... cooking dinner, cleaning, doing homework, sleeping, and practicing.

What I've been watching in quarantine:Criminal Minds” (still in the process)

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