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Marching Band Photo Day 9/25

Updated: Sep 19, 2021


Dear Marching Band Students & Families,

Toki Lee Photography will be conducting our Photo Day for all Marching Band sections on Sept. 25, 2021. Similar to last year, we will be photographing each student individually to be later grouped together into the appropriate group photos. This will ensure a socially distanced and safe photo day. That said, please don’t forget to wear your mask to the event! The following will answer questions that students may have related to photo day.

Please read through it carefully!

● Call time: 9:00 A.M.

● Please arrive camera-ready (no hair in buns) and ready to put on your uniform.

● Line up outside of F1 (aka Jazz Room) to get into uniforms.

● Once in uniform, please wait outside of F2 (aka Band Room).

● Marching shoes are not needed for the group photo; however, you may want to wear them if doing individual instrument photos.

● If you are being photographed with your instrument, please make sure to bring it with you!

Students who are not in Leadership, Percussion, Seniors, and Color Guard and not being photographed with their instrument may be excused immediately after being photographed for the marching band group photo.

Once all students have been photographed individually for the marching band group photo, each of the following smaller groups should line up together so that the photographer can photograph each person in the group individually:

1. LEADERSHIP: 27 Students in leadership positions.

2. SENIORS: If you are in Leadership, we will use the leadership photo, so there is no need to take another photo here.

3. MARCHING PERCUSSION: Please have your mallets or whatever you want to pose with ready to go.

4. COLOR GUARD: Please have your rifles ready.

Once all of the group photos are done, the photographer will be ready to photograph the individual instrument photos. Please have your instrument ready and get back in the photo line. Booster volunteers will be on hand to assist you with where to go. There are no order forms to fill out and no cost to be photographed. If you wish to view and order your photos, please text the code ACHS2021 to 90738.

Thank you,

Mr. Cameron Guerrero Music Director

Mr. Phil Idell Music Director

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