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Sonoma trip: Directors' notes from the road ...

As the trip to the 7th Annual Sonoma Invitational Wind Band & Orchestra Festival comes to a close, the directors, provided the following notes from the road:

This was a great experience for the kids. We feel that a trip should be tied to some sort of educational and musically fulfilling experience, while satisfying the need to have fun and allow students to see a place they may not have a chance to travel to. The clinic from Prof. Leibinger with the jazz program was musically enlightening and a great chance for students to hear about majors in the department and students within the program who are majoring in other

subjects. Students also had the chance to experience campus life by eating at the student union and walking across the gorgeous campus. The performance in the hall was fantastic, and the space is awe-inspiring; one of the finest collegiate camps halls on the West Coast.

Saturday was full of fun exploring San Francisco and included a very wet walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. The experience at Dave and Busters was highlighted by Director Cameron Guerrero losing to Collin Meyring in air hockey, but Director Daniel Cook demolishing Collin in the following match. (Ask Mr. G about the outcome of all the other games.)

A highlight of the trip was the experience at Davies Hall to see the San Francisco Symphony. Schumann, Liszt and Brahms were on the program, and the students who were a tad less excited about going to the performance left inspired and excited. It’s not a common opportunity to see one of the top 12 orchestras in the world.

Now, off to see some Elephant Seals!

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