Wind Ensemble audition results

Below are the auditions results for the Wind Ensemble auditions. All names listed in alphabetical order, and chair placements will take place in the fall. All Percussionists may be moved to a single class period.

Anyone interested in an additional music class that earns ROP/CTE credit, please consider enrolling in the new Digital Music class taught by Mr. Cook. Students taking it will learn music fundamentals, theory and composition skills while applying this knowledge to digital compositions using computer software and midi keyboards. Note: You may not drop your concert ensemble/core class to participate in digital music.


Emily Chang

Isabelle Oroc

Janne Marie Salcedo

Nicholas Kuo

Sarah Lee

Frankie Newton


Freddie Stacy


John Maglasang

Sergio Mercado

Clarinet -

Nathan Blok

Christopher Cha

Vibha Dabholkar

Audrey Gomes

Edison Hanchey

Christina Roa

Mason Sachs

Bass Clarinet

Katelyn Raney

Alto Sax

Lucas Chomiller

Cooper Ysais