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Volunteers are needed for upcoming fundraisers

In addition to supporting the program and musicians through volunteer work at shows, football games, band camp and with transportation to events, the ACHS Music Boosters fill the financial gap between the program cost contributions and the actual cost of running programs of this size and nature. Through fundraising, the boosters pay for 50 percent of program costs, which exceed $150,000 each year. WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU.

As you will see below, we have a number of big fundraisers still on the schedule this spring. These are our larger fundraisers, requiring our largest number of volunteers and requiring your help in publicizing these events. Each parent with a student in the program should, at the very least, share the Facebook events to their own page and invite everyone they know. We also need all hands on deck for these events, so visit the website Volunteer page and see what's there and fill in a few of the slots. Your work and donations directly benefit YOUR KIDS.

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