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Drumline hits the road for first competition Feb. 17

Winter Drumline will be heading to Monrovia on Feb. 17 for their first competition of the season. Ensemble members are to report to the high school at 9 a.m. with departure at 11 a.m.

Parents will be carpooling students to the event. Please make sure your forms have been turned in to Mr. Cook.

Students should bring lunch and money for dinner as neither meal will be provided.

For more details, please download the itinerary from the Calendar.

Reminder: SCPA does NOT allow video taping of the competition. If you are caught video taping, our team can be penalized. Please do not video tape. You may take regular photos. We are allowed one person in a designated area to video, so Mr. James will be the official videoographer and will provide private links for our group to view. Please note these links CANNOT be shared publicly or on social media.

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