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Uniform reminders for all students

Although the Uniform Team has extra accessories for students who may forget items from time to time, There are not enough items for all students. Remind your student be responsible and remember all accessory items for the band to be successful at all football games and competitions. Please refer to the Music Department Handbook if you are unsure what items your student needs.

A fee will be charged to students who borrow items, and students who repeatedly forget their band accessories may have the option to purchase the item if it is available for purchase.

Sept. 27 last chance to order Band Accessories

Any student that still needs to order the following items will need to send an email to to place the order. Please include product, name, size, and instrument. Order form (download, fill out and email)

  • Student Polo- $33

  • Backpack- $45

  • DSI MTX shoes- $45

  • Long Wrist Gloves- $5

Orders are due by Wednesday, Sept. 27, vial email with payment made to the blue mailbox in the Music Room. If orders are not placed for shoes and gloves, parents will need to place their own orders for for those items at the Band Shoppe website.

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