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Concert, Symphonic bands to compete at festival

Concert and Symphonic bands will be competing March 29 at the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association's concert festival at Thousand Oaks High School. Students are required to wear appropriate concert attire (refer to the handbook). Please come to school already dressed. You will not have an opportunity to change until you get back to school. Students should bring a lunch or bring no more than $10 to buy lunch on site. All students are required to bring their instrument, music, pencil, extra reeds, valve oil, etc.

Band members will be riding school buses to the event. The cost of the buses is being charged to the Music Department's ASB Transportation account. Students who paid for Marching Band transportation contribution do NOT need to pay. If you did not pay in the fall, the cost paid toward this bus trip is $7 per student. Drumline also is excluded from paying for students who have paid their transportation for both the Marching Band and Winterline. Checks, cash or card are all accepted at the ASB Bookkeeper window or at the ASB online store. Do not turn in this money to the booster box. This is due by Friday, March 17.

A Student Activity Slip and Field Trip form are required for all students who do not already have one on file. This is due by Wednesday, March 15, to the bin on Mr. Cook’s door. Students also will be required to complete a judging critique assignment for a grade in addition to their performance grade.

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