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Mandatory parent meeting Oct. 13

This is a MANDATORY Meeting for band and colorguard parents.

We are gearing up for our inaugural Mattress sale. This is an incredible opportunity for us to earn a great deal of money without having to ask parents and kids to sell anything. Other schools and organizations have been VERY successful with this event and we are excited to have this opportunity for ourselves. CFS (Fundraising Company) will be paying us $5 per student if at least one parent/guardian attends this meeting. Consider it an easy way for us to immediately start making money for doing nothing other than attending a meeting. Mr. Cook thinks it's VERY IMPORTANT to communicate the details of this event with ALL parents and students in the program to maximize our results and earn the most money. We realize that as parents of music students you have very busy schedules, but this is a meeting that cannot be overlooked and has been paired with the regular Booster meeting and band/colorguard practice for your convenience. If you have a student that is in the music program, you must attend this meeting. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

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